About Us

Welcome to Ultimate Motorsports. Established in 2021 in a home garage, the founder started by sourcing the most unique lips and mods for his 10th Gen Civic. Soon after, the entire car community wanted these never-before-seen parts for their builds. Enter Ultimate Motorsports.

Now grown into a small team of 4, we're here to help you make your car stand out with the most unique modifications available on the market today. As car enthusiasts ourselves, we were tired of looking for hours and hours online for sick parts. When we first started out building our cars, we weren't sure where to start or where to even find reliable parts. 

That's why we want to build a community that helps each other's builds, no matter how far along you are on the journey. From putting on your first lip to winning 1st place at SEMA, we're here to deliver quality, unique parts with unparalleled customer service. 

Welcome to Ultimate Motorsports, and we hope you enjoy your stay.