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Side Skirts

Side Skirts

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Ever wonder how some Civics just have that low, stanced look? The secret is having side skirts that make the side of your build lower to the ground. Our side skirts make your build look even more aggressive, especially from a side view.

- Fitment: Fits 2016-2021 Civic Sedan(and Si's), Coupes, and Hatches.

- Fits perfectly onto the sides of your civic.

- Material: High-quality ABS plastic.

- Comes with everything needed for installation. (Hardware)

- Professional installation is recommended.


1. Does the Type R side skirt come painted?

- It comes in an unpainted finish, ready for paint match. But most Civic owners install the side skirt as is because it does have a slightly shiny finish, matching the Civic trim.

2. What's the difference between TS Style and Type R style?

- Type R Style is thicker, resulting in a lower, stanced look. TS style has a glossy finish and has a more subtle, but aggressive look.

3. Does not ship to Canada.

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